The Sundial Story

Part of the award-winning Sundial Group, Teamscapes Learning has been developed over the last 25 years by Lucy Mcgibbon, Director of Learning & Development, and her team.

The story began in the 1960s with Diana Chudley, a young entrepreneur and mother of 9 who ran a guest house at her home, Highgate House, in Northamptonshire. Over time, the house evolved into the UK’s first conference hotel and since then, in continuous response to customer needs, we have established Woodside Hotel in Warwickshire, Teamscapes and Sundial SOS Venue Finding.

Throughout the years, our family ethos has remained unchanged. Still owned and run by the Chudley family, we continue to look after our customers with the same care our mother gave our first guests over 50 years ago. It is our dedication to providing unique and specialist learning environments, with a personal touch, that continues to set us apart from the competition.

The Teamscapes Story

It all began 25 years ago when one of our customers at Highgate House was using outdoor activities as part of his programme. Lucy, one of the Chudley family, was interested in what he was doing and how it might add value to other customers. As a result of this investigation, we built our own dedicated outdoor activities, Teamscapes.

On the journey over the years, we discovered the magic of experiential learning and have developed the Teamscapes Learning methodology. Starting originally with the outdoor activities, we then added to the range the indoor activities because our customers more flexibility in the range, whatever the weather. Shortly after, we developed the culinary activities. Teamscapes, being part of the Sundial Group was perfectly positioned to develop those culinary activities with our award-winning chefs.  We then went on to deliver, mainly driven by repeat business, an extensive range which included a more extreme experience and depth of learning.

The huge variety of activities you can choose from for your event, have been created as a result of our customer’s demands. If for any reason, your particular event requirements cannot be met, with the range we have to offer, we will design a bespoke event to meet your particular objectives.


Multi-award winning, Sundial Group continues to be recognised for achievements in a wide range of areas including customer service, value for money, facilities, food and industry leadership.