How FFP Packaging Solutions generated a more motivated and productive workplace

About FFP

FFP Packaging Solutions specialise in high quality printed and plain flexible packaging, heat-seal lidding films and films for high temperatures and oven use. A family business established in the mid-1960s, we’re based in Northampton and employ 140 people.

Our Challenge

In 2012, we instigated a new production strategy.  Our market is extremely competitive and we wanted to improve productivity and make our business more efficient and successful.

We didn’t want to follow a traditional top-down model of change management.  We knew we could be more successful by involving every person in the business in driving change.

There were two clear things we focussed on – a systematic approach to process improvement and cultural change. We recognised that processes and culture are inextricably interlinked and that we couldn’t improve one without the other. We also knew that to succeed we would rely on the enthusiastic involvement and participation of all employees and that we would all need to question and challenge our currently accepted thought processes and ways of working.

The role of team building

So we knew where we wanted to go, but how would we get there?  It was clear to us that we would benefit from some help from outside. So we contacted a trusted training consultant who we’d worked with previously for Senior Management training.

The training consultant spent time working with us to understand the challenges before us and our objectives and how she could help us to achieve these. It was clear that team building would be an essential part of the process.

The team building company she recommended was Teamscapes, which offered experiential learning to help individuals work better as a team.  Teamscapes was available locally at a hotel and conference centre in Northamptonshire, called Highgate House, where it had originated back in 1992.

Several team building days were run at Highgate House throughout the year for groups from our factory. For participants this was a very different day to their usual working day. The venue provided a completely different change of scene to the factory and enabled participants to think about work challenges with a fresh perspective, giving them the freedom to speak freely and openly about our business in a neutral environment.

Teams took part in three different team building activities as part of their team building day.  Each activity was chosen by the facilitator as the most appropriate for generating the specific learning outcomes we were looking to achieve in light of our objectives.

The results

What struck us most of all, was how Teamscapes has been able to transform people with a range of different attitudes, personalities and motivations, into  people who are much more positive, happier and confident as a result of having taken part in the team building.  They’ve learnt not only how to work better together, but have gained additional skills including improved delegation, problem solving, better negotiation and ways to cope with conflict, to name just a few.

We’ve really seen people change – becoming more self-aware and confident and, noticeably, more open-minded about how they perceive each other.

It was very important to us that the team building would be more than just an enjoyable day. For team building to work (and to justify our investment), it was crucial that it delivered tangible learnings that could be transported back into the workplace. It had to make a difference long-term.

So what are the key things we’ve gained from Teamscapes?

  • Higher levels of motivation from our employees who are listened to more and feel more valued.
  • More efficient teams – we’re well ahead of where we were in terms of our targets
  • Happier, more fulfilled employees

A More Efficient Workplace

Without a shadow of a doubt, Teamscapes has helped enhance team work at FFP. People are working smarter; shift workers share information and work better together making our production process much smoother and more streamlined. We’ve seen a reduction in machine downtime which enables us to process more work more quickly and to meet our customers’ requirements more efficiently.

Teamscapes has been the perfect catalyst to help us achieve the changes we were looking for.