Developing Graduates

Helping you develop and deliver a robust strategy

We know that the successful development of graduates and young employees is key to the future of your business. That’s why it’s so important to ensure they have the right support to maximise their potential and make the transition from student life to full-time work as smooth as possible.

Upon leaving formal education, graduates are enthusiastic and full of creative ideas, however many lack essential skills that are needed in the workplace. Good communication, collaboration and teamwork skills are crucial if your graduate is to integrate quickly into the existing team and culture.

Bridging The Gap For Your Graduates

We’ve been helping businesses bridge the gap between education and employment for many years. We’ll help develop your talented new recruits with the communication skills, confidence and self-awareness they need to prosper in the working world and become effective employees with empathy and understanding.


Check Out Some Of Our Activities…

With over 40 team building activities, we can create a bespoke event to help develop your graduates. Some of the activities we suggest (but are not limited to) include:

Treasure Hunts

Our Treasure Hunt activities are ideal for enjoing the great outdoors, and enhance communication and problem solving skills.

Business Focused Activities

These indoor activities can be tailored to fit around your business objectives and can help improve communication and trust.


“The quality of the activities was excellent and the facilitator Andy, was very astute and guided us through the learning outcomes and the reviews of the activities. They were exactly what we needed as a team and everyone who attended learnt something about themselves and each other.”