Developing Strategy

Helping your business develop a strategy that drives long-term success

Whether it’s a short term project team or a whole company strategy required, it’s important to have clear direction.

Not having a clear and accountable strategy is a key challenge for many businesses today. An effective strategic plan requires focus, foresight and a lot of commitment by everyone involved if it is to be successful. It’s important to consider all the functions within your business that are needed to contribute to the ultimate strategy.

Helping You Develop Your Strategy

While your strategy can only be developed by you, we can help by breaking down silo mentality and encouraging collaborative thinking in order to develop a clear vision and plan to support it.

Alongside our team building tools, we’ll work with intact teams to agree their contribution to the overall business strategy and help them recognise what they need to do to bring your overarching vision to life. This will be done by reviewing performance, considering successes and challenges, and setting clear achievable objectives. A structured follow-up event is organised to review progress against the agreed commitments.

Delivering Your Strategy

With our fully accredited facilitators, we can also support you through the journey of delivering your strategy to your wider organisation. At Teamscapes, we can help by bringing structure and stimulation to the process, enabling you to deliver a robust strategy to your entire workforce and most importantly, inspiring them to take action.

Check Out Some Of Our Activities…

With over 40 team building activities and a team of expert facilitators, we can create a bespoke event for your business to help with developing your strategy. It’s important that you choose a broad selection of different activities in order to bring to life different needs of different teams and create an environment for discussion.

Business Focused Activities

These indoor team building activities bring to life real business challenges, creating an environment for open conversations, strategic thinking and collaboration.

Culinary Activities

Any one of our culinary activities are perfect alongside a strategy planning day. As well as being great fun, they test timing, planning, innovation, and trust.

Mitie Client Services

“My team really loved the day, the two activities that Lucy facilitated worked perfectly for us as team to discuss communication in general and teamwork. We have a great team but there is always something else we can work on to ensure we are maximising our potential; ensuring we are working towards the same goals; and that everyone feels included and has the opportunity to contribute and develop fully.”