ILM Level 4 Award in Leadership

Effective leadership is needed at all levels in organisations if they are to be successful. Good leaders build trust, delegate well, empower others and enable change. Those who are trained to lead well understand the dynamic of when, where, why and how to set goals for their team members.

A 2016 Ashridge Executive Education & People Management Institute found 160 of 300 surveyed HR/L&D professionals put leadership training as top priority for management in the year ahead.

How can we help?

•  New ‘hands-on’ professionally accredited leadership training programme
•  Immersive 2-day all-inclusive learning experience at Sundial Venues
•  Blending academic rigor with fast-paced experiential leadership learning using Teamscapes®
•  Recognition and assessment to Level 4 standard with experienced leadership trainers

What are the benefits?

By the end of the programme delegates will have gained experience and understanding of:

  • Own and others leadership styles & qualities
  • Situational/Transactional/Transformational leadership theories in action
  • Planning to lead then briefing a team effectively
  • Undertaking risk assessment of own leadership task
  • Leading a practical task in a changing environment under time pressure
  • Debriefing performance by giving and receiving feedback to maximise improvement
  • Reflecting upon personal performances
  • Creating a personal leadership development plan
  • Acting as team member led by others (observation and giving feedback )

What you can expect

  • 2 day Open Course:
    • Day 1: Learn & practice theory and techniques incorporated with Teamscapes® activities
    • Day 2: Practical leadership: delegates plan, brief & lead tasks, review & reflecting on own leadership performance. Provide feedback on each other in activities targeted to meet both the delegate’s & sponsor’s identified learning needs
  • Assessment & impact learning via powerful facilitated reviews leading to final reflections actions to support the experience
  • Teamscapes facilitators review performance to enrich learning and capture evidence for assessment purposes using AV and delegates notes.

Partnership Delivery

Teamscapes bring this exciting programme in partnership with Wingman Ltd, people performance & development specialists who have been using experiential learning for over 20 years to enrich development  programmes. Our unique offer is the UK’s only ILM Accredited Leadership Qualification at this level.