Increasing Sales

Guiding your sales team to success

Enabling Sales Success

What business doesn’t want to increase its sales performance?

Developing your sales team is the first step to success. You need to consider how effective the sales mindset is within your organisation and ensure your people have the right skills and are equipped with the right tools they need to be successful.

Whether you’re looking to increase sales or develop the confidence of individuals within your sales team, we can help you. We’ll do this by identifying individual learning styles, enhancing communication, and developing self confidence. Our approach, using experiential learning, aims to positively engage all participants and bring the learning to life through role play, problem solving and individual and team activities.

How can we help…

With over a range of learning programmes and activities, we can create a bespoke event for your business to help with improving sales performance.

Communicating and Influencing for Sales People

Would your organisation like to improve its sales performance? Our programme combines sales expertise with behavioural training.

Business Focused Activities

These activities bring to life real business challenges, creating an environment for open conversations, strategic thinking and collaboration.

Mitie Client Services

“My team really loved the day, the two activities that Lucy facilitated worked perfectly for us as team to discuss communication in general and teamwork. We have a great team but there is always something else we can work on to ensure we are maximising our potential; ensuring we are working towards the same goals; and that everyone feels included and has the opportunity to contribute and develop fully.”