Learning Personal Mastery and Leadership With Horses

Working with Horses for Courses®, we use experiential equine assisted learning techniques to raise personal awareness of core interpersonal and leadership skills. Our exciting bespoke programmes offer a unique approach to people and business development. We create multi-sensory experiences which amplify, accelerate and anchor your learning, deliver lasting change

Why Horses?

Because horses are individuals, it is easy to make connections between communicating with them and communicating with people. Horses are experts at reading body language, their survival depends on it. By taking away the 7% of communication that is verbal, people are able to concentrate on how they can use their body language to communicate, rapport build, lead and influence effectively.

What You Will Achieve

Whilst we are happy to tailor the day to meet your organisation’s specific learning objectives, as a minimum you can expect to have:

  • Practiced rapport building techniques and developed a heighted sense of awareness of the impact of your communication
  • An appreciation of the importance of developing win-win outcomes
  • Celebrated individual team member’s uniqueness and different strengths
  • Developed and deepened your empathetic skills
  • An appreciation of the value of having respectful and honest communications
  • Developed a sensitivity to others and understand situations from different points of view and be able to take effective, balanced decisions to gain co-operation and commitment
  • A heightened awareness of your personal leadership style and how they can use that to develop long term sustainable relationships both with internal and external customers
  • Practised giving and receiving feedback to raise performance
  • The ability to generate greater flexibility to respond to ever-more demanding working environments

What to Expect

  • A one day programme with a group size of 6 to 10 attendees
  • You won’t be horse riding but you will be working with the horses at liberty
  • A mix of classroom and horse related exercises to create tangible learning outcomes
  • We have a wealth of business experience and so ensure the learning insights gained when working with the horses is transferred directly into business and work place scenarios
  • We are happy to work with you to develop your specific learning outcomes for your programme.