Online Events

Simple self-facilitated activities to five-day remote retreats for global teams, and everything in-between.

We offer a range of solutions to meet your online needs. Whether you need simple activities that you can drop into your online meetings or a week-long fully facilitated remote retreat for a global team, we can deliver it.

The Teamscapes Membership

A subscription service which offers a range of easy-to-use activities enabling team leaders from all industries to inspire their colleagues to engage more effectively during online meetings. These self-facilitated activities can be used as fun icebreakers, meeting scene-setters or deeper learning activities to encourage greater empathy and team cohesion.

Enabling Leadership Programme

An accredited online programme which grows the skills and behaviours of your line managers, preparing them for a more enabling style of leadership. The programme consists of three modules delivered one day per month for three months. Participants are required to engage in work-based activities between modules to apply learning. Tailored pre and post surveys ensure progress is tracked and ROI proven.

Online Event Creation and Facilitation

Our accredited facilitators take tried and tested skills of professional facilitation into the online arena. Using the right online collaboration tools for your business, we create and deliver engaging online programmes to meet your objectives. Whether it is a two-hour teambuilding session or a five-day team retreat across multiple time-zones, we bring your talent together and harness their creativity to overcome challenges and make decisions.

To discuss your online event needs, please contact us here.

Online Coaching

Many of our facilitators are also fully accredited coaches, allowing us to create and deliver bespoke coaching programmes for our clients. Whilst supporting the development of personal needs, our programmes also draw on your company values and qualities frameworks to ensure all coaching meets your business needs as much as individual requirements.

To discuss potential coaching programmes for your organisation, please contact us here.