Giving You An ROI

Events that deliver results

Measuring Team Building

Measuring ROI for team building can be challenging, especially when it can’t be linked to financial performance or output. However, soft skills such as teamwork, good communication, co-operation, trust and recognising different strengths within a team can all have a major impact on your business.

At Teamscapes, we have designed a unique measurement tool to monitor the impact of team building on these soft skills and prove that our events deliver results.

Multi-Stage Survey

Our unique ROI measurement tool takes the form of an online survey. However, unlike standard online forms which generate feedback from just one point in time, ours is taken at multi-stages. By prompting and recording feedback over different periods of time, we can show how effective Teamscapes has been before and after an event and also, 3 months later.

Our 3-stage survey is based upon a delegate’s perception of working as a team over different periods of time:

  • Pre-event – at this first stage, the survey will gauge a delegate’s perceptions of team effectiveness before the event
  • Post-event – immediately after the event, this stage is used to evaluate the event itself and provide insight into what learning has occurred and how it is being transferred back in the workplace
  • 3 month review – 3 months later, this final stage evaluates what learnings are still being implemented in the workplace.

The three stages not only measure learning, they also provide an opportunity for individuals to reflect upon the event at different points in time. This not only helps to consolidate their learning but also maximises your investment.

Bespoke ROI Measurement

Our 3-stage surveys can be designed according to your specific requirements if you wish – focusing on key outcomes or benefits you may be looking to monitor. And if you are assessed by ‘Investors in People’, the results can help to underpin the Investors in People framework.

The survey can relate to one specific event or a series of events where teams have been split or have attended the event at different dates (providing the course is identical in content).