Talent Development

Identifying the talent within your teams

We know just how important it is to discover and nurture your emerging talent. Identifying the talent within each and every one of your people is necessary in order to maximise their potential.

Unlocking Your Talent

By building confidence, unlocking creative thinking and encouraging collaboration with others, we can help to identify the stars in your team through the process of experiential learning. During a Teamscapes day, everybody will have an opportunity to reflect and review their personal performance and consider the impact they have on others. During this process, everyone will have a chance to shine and learn, whilst at the same time, through observation, you will see the talent emerge.

Taking Your Talent A Step Further

Having identified the talent in your business, it’s likely that they are going to need to develop their leadership skills. We can provide you with a unique two-day ILM Level 4 Leadership Award, specifically designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of learning ability. In two days, through the use of video and recording reflection, it’s possible to achieve the award.

We also work with high performing teams, developing them further from good to great. This is particularly helpful when they are about to embark on a challenging project.

Check Out Some Of Our Activities…

With over 40 team building activities and a selection of accredited programmes, we can create a bespoke event for your business to help with talent development.

Construction Activities

Our construction team building activities require teams to think outside of the box to develop robust solutions whilst working collaboratively together.

ILM Level 4 Award in Leadership

This accredited leadership training programme focusses on giving managers targeted personal development, the self-awareness to lead and the practical skills to deliver results.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

“Our team building day at Highgate House was a huge success and helped us understand what makes a high performing team. The facilities were excellent and our facilitator helped us to understand each other better and to work more efficiently as a team. It was a fun and fulfilling day.”