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Christmas Team Building Activities

If you’re looking to get your team together and in the festive spirit this Christmas, we have a selection of team building activities to inspire you. The activities are simple, yet extremely powerful and will give your annual Christmas party a productive edge.

Christmas Teamcakes

Available Anywhere

Take on the challenge of decorating your own Christmas cake. Groups will be divided into teams where the challenge is to decorate a Christmas fruit cake as creatively as you can, with one member always blindfolded! The finished cakes can be taken home and given away as Christmas gifts (depending on how well you got on with the blindfold!)

Christmas Cocktail Challenge

Available Anywhere

Create perfect chilled Christmas cocktails! A fabulous activity to kick start your festive evening. The challenge is to design and plan a themed, four-course dinner menu and then devise and create a cocktail to complement it. At the end of the activity, the menus and their accompanying cocktails are assessed. Each team must produce a sufficient quantity of their cocktail to allow assessment and enjoyment upon completion of the activity!

Christmas Canape Challenge

Available Anywhere

Create Christmassy canapés! From a selection of mouthwatering ingredients teams must communicate together to devise, design and deliver a selection of festive canapés. At the end of the hour, the canapés are assessed. Once the results have been announced, participants can enjoy their creations alongside a glass of Prosecco.

Christmas Truffle Challenge

Available Anywhere

Watch a demonstration in chocolate truffle making, then take on the challenge yourself. Participants will produce a selection of chocolate truffles to their individual taste, then design their own packaging to present for judging. The finished products can be taken home and even given away as Christmas gifts.

Ice Carving

Available Anywhere

Working in teams, participants can put their artistic thoughts from paper to chisel to create an ice sculpture! The team needs to delegate roles, distribute tasks and all be working towards the same end goal to express their message in ice. Then, at the end of the day enjoy your creation as a centrepiece at dinner.

Christmas Decoration Making

Available Anywhere

Get into Christmas and design your own Christmas decorations! With expert guidance and choosing from a selection of materials, you will create your own Christmas wreath to take home. Have fun while putting your artistry skills into practice.

Garland Making

Available Anywhere

Take on the challenge of creating a beautiful flower garland for that special occasion. With expert guidance, you’ll choose from a selection of materials and spend a fun couple of hours where your collaboration, individuality and creativeness will be put to the test!

Perfume Making

Available Anywhere

Working together, create your very own perfume! You will choose what kind of scent you want to create, write your formula, and evaluate your fragrance. Have fun and enjoy dabbling in science and art while creating your own unique essence.

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