Creative Team Building Activities

Creative thinking caps will be needed for these activities! They are perfect for encouraging creativity and inspiring innovative ideas amongst teams. Individuals will need to use their imagination and combine creative forces with the rest of the team if they are to achieve success.

Inside The Puzzle Zone

Available Anywhere

We all love a tricky brainteaser from time to time.  One that stimulates, challenges and inspires you.  Well, this team building session is designed to do all these things, while working together as a team.  Featuring “life-size” brainteaser puzzles, these mind-benders will push your team’s combined brain power to the limits.  It’s challenging, but lots of fun at the same time.

Duration: 2 Hours, 45 Minutes

Silverscreen Stars

Available Anywhere

The aim of this exciting experience is to produce a clipped version of a feature length film through linking a number of key scenes. Each team is given responsibility for scripting, storyboarding, rehearsing and producing the finished article. These scenes are then edited together and your finale will be watching the end result. This would work perfectly as part of a Oscars Gala Dinner, with all the awards given out for the best scene, director and of course cinematography.

Duration: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes

Live at 3 Radio Show

Available Anywhere

Your team is made up of individuals with many different styles and personalities. They’ll need to tap into all of them, as your challenge is to devise, create, write, produce, promote and deliver a LIVE radio show. Presenting your own radio show is not only massive fun but gives you a recorded show to keep and use again!

Duration: Full Day

The Big Picture

Available Anywhere

When we are all busy working hard, delivering results on a daily basis, it can be hard to find time to take a step back and see “The Big Picture”.  The final activity sees all teams collaborate to place their piece of the jigsaw to achieve a common vision.

Duration: 4 Hours

Culinary Challenge

Available Anywhere

Each team will be challenged to complete a series of culinary tasks (including the Omelette Challenge, Sensory Challenge and The Chop Stick Challenge) to earn points to see who can come top of the Culinary Challenge Leader Board.

Duration: 2 Hours, 15 Minutes

The Chocolate Challenge Project

Available Anywhere

A fun filled activity that allows participants to get creative and stuck in! With a variety of chocolates to be designed and packaging to be made, the team will enjoy the rich aromas and colours as they create their handmade chocolates. At the end, they’ll be required to present their selection in a 10 minute product launch.

Duration: 1/2 – Full Day

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