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Culinary Team Building Activities

Our culinary team building activities are great fun, exciting and tasty too! Available anywhere, they are a great addition as part of a conference or team building event.

These activities are some of the most powerful personal learning experiences we see with our clients. Customers are often amazed by how much they learn to improve tolerance, communication skills and effective collaboration when completing these activities. The collection particularly focuses on enhancing timing, working under pressure, creativity, presentation skills and trust.

The Chocolate Challenge Project

Available Anywhere

Chocolate Challenge is a fun filled activity which allows particpants to get creative and stuck in! With a variety of chocolates to be designed and packaging to be made, the team will enjoy the rich aromas and colours as they create their handmade chocolates. At the end, they’ll be required to present their selection in a 10 minute product launch.

Duration: 1/2 – Full Day

Cocktail Challenge

Available Anywhere

Find your inner mixologist with our cocktail challenge! The team’s task is to design and plan a themed, four course dinner menu and then create a signature cocktail to complement it.

Duration: 1 Hour


Available Anywhere

Working in teams, participants must decorate and present the most scrumptious and creative sponge cake imaginable using the range of ingredients/resources provided. The challenge? Only one member of the team can decorate the cake and they must be blindfolded, making them solely rely on the other members of the team to verbally guide them around the cake and ingredients.

Duration: 1 Hour

Canapé Challenge

Available Anywhere

Prepare to have your tastebuds tantalised with our Canape Challenge! The group is divided into smaller teams to devise, design and deliver their own selection of canapés. With an array of ingredients and a combination of creativity and flair, the range of canapes you can make are endless. At the end of the hour, the canapés are assessed and participants can enjoy their creations with a glass of Prosecco, making this task an ideal way to end a team building day.

Duration: 1 Hour

Culinary Challenge

Available Anywhere

Each team will be challenged to complete a series of culinary tasks (including the Omelette Challenge, Sensory Challenge and The Chop Stick Challenge) to earn points to see who can come top of the Culinary Challenge Leader Board.

Duration: 2 Hours, 15 Minutes

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