Hen Parties

Fabulous Hen Parties

If you’re looking to arrange a hen party, we have some fabulous activities that are a perfect way to celebrate, have fun and make some special memories.

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Garland Making 

Available Anywhere

Take on the challenge of creating a beautiful flower garland for that special occasion. With expert guidance, you’ll choose from a selection of materials and spend a fun couple of hours where your collaboration, individuality and creativeness will be put to the test!

Perfume Making

Available Anywhere

Working together, create your very own perfume! You will choose what kind of scent you want to create, write your formula, and evaluate your fragrance. Have fun and enjoy dabbling in science and art while creating your own unique essence.

The Chocolate Challenge Project

Available Anywhere

Chocolate Challenge is a fun filled activity which allows particpants to get creative and stuck in! With a variety of chocolates to be designed and packaging to be made, the team will enjoy the rich aromas and colours as they create their handmade chocolates. At the end, they’ll be required to present their selection in a 10 minute product launch.

Cocktail Challenge

Available Anywhere

Find your inner mixologist with our cocktail challenge! The team’s task is to design and plan a themed, four course dinner menu and then create a signature cocktail to complement it.


Available Anywhere

Working in teams, participants must decorate and present the most scrumptious and creative sponge cake imaginable using the range of ingredients/resources provided. The challenge? Only one member of the team can decorate the cake and they must be blindfolded, making them solely rely on the other members of the team to verbally guide them around the cake and ingredients.

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