Investigative Team Building Activities

It’s time to put your investigator hat on! These activities require good teamwork, excellent problem solving, creative thinking and determination if they are to be solved. It’s important to share ideas and consider possible options in order to discover the right solution.

The Remains Of Eustace St. John

Available Anywhere

You team are the best cold case team in the country. They have been called in because the remains of a man have just been discovered in the hotel grounds by the Head Gardener. It is believed the human remains are of Eustace St John, a young socialite who went missing under mysterious circumstances 30 years ago. The case was never solved and now it’s down to your team.

Duration: Minimum 1/2 Day

Escape From Alcatraz

Available Anywhere

It takes some serious team work to pull off a prison break! Escape from Alcatraz is a collaborative team working task where quick wits, precise planning, lateral thinking and exceptional communication skills are essential to escape from the notoriously inescapable Alcatraz.

Duration: 3 Hours

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