Outdoor Survival

Outdoor Survival Team Building Activities

Escape the office and challenge your people with one of our outdoor survival team building activities. Designed to improve collaboration and enhance leadership, communication and trust, individuals will need to overcome their fears and step outside the comfort zone.

‘Intents’ Camping Challenge

Available Anywhere

This overnight activity requires teams to pitch their tents and survive the night! Cooking supper and breakfast, and providing their own entertainment (football, rounders, sing-a-long), teams can collaborate as much as they wish.

Duration: Overnight

Earth Oven

Available Anywhere

Our “build it, bake it, eat it”, Earth Oven is great fun and culminates (hopefully) in an edible meal! Teams will work together to design and build their own pizza clay oven and create the pizzas to cook in them.

Duration: 1/2 Day (wrapping around a full day)

Pure Survival

Available Anywhere

Tough both mentally and physically, Brave the Elements tests leadership skills in an outdoor stimulating environment. Typical team activities will include survival shelter, night navigation, escape & evasion and camp craft.

Duration: 12 – 24 Hours

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