Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunt Activities

Working in teams, individuals will need to be creative, put their problem solving heads on and work collaboratively to crack the clues. Our Treasure Hunt activities are refreshing and perfect for enjoying the great outdoors, as well as improving communication and teamwork.

Sword in the Stone

Available At Highgate House, Northamptonshire

Can your team release the sword in the stone? A sword is held tightly in a block of stone that is sealed with twelve spells and a rod. Only six spells are real and the rod requires a combination number to remove it. Teams must search the grounds to solve clues in order to find out which spells need to be removed and how to reveal the combination for the rod.

Duration: 1 – 2 Hours

The Sundial

Available At Woodside, Warwickshire

A locked chamber containing a goblet is hidden within the grounds of Woodside. The team must solve the enigma of the Sundial in order to find the secret chamber. A brass and ceramic plate holds all the clues that will lead the team to brass “eyes” around the grounds. Each eye gives a word that, when combined, describes where the chamber is and in which direction.

Duration: 1 – 2 Hours




Available Anywhere

This activity utilises technology to control the flow of the event, issuing tasks, challenges and quiz questions to teams for the duration of the day. Connexus encourages collaboration within their own team as individual team members must pull together to complete the activities, whilst simultaneously competing with all of the other teams.

Duration: 3 Hours

Scavenger Slogans

Available Anywhere

Teams will create a slogan that represents one of the cornerstone values of their company. The slogan must then be represented as a piece of artwork, created using art and craft materials provided and by scavenging items from around the buildings and grounds.

Duration: 2 – 4 Hours

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