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Innovative Team Building Experiences

We are an innovative team building company that inspires your people to do what they do, better.

We believe through experiential learning, the process of discovery through experience, we can provide a unique team building day tailored toward your business needs. Our expert team building facilitators work closely with you to ensure your team building day is built around your attendees using goal and thematic orientated activities. Leaving you safe in the knowledge your team building day, and attendees, are in safe hands. You can also host your event at one of our locations, at your own venue or we can find a location for you for free!

That’s why 98% of customers say they would recommend us.

Business focused solutions…

Developing Strategy

for long term success

We’ll work with teams to agree their contribution to overall business strategy, helping them recognise their impact on the business and encourage collaborative strategy focused thinking through relevant team building activities.

Inspiring Individuals

its the core of what we do

We work with your individuals to inspire them to engage more effectively with others.  We do this by developing their confidence and personal impact which enables them the freedom to think creatively and contribute more effectively as part of your team.

Talent Development

identifying and nurturing talent

We know just how important it is to discover and nurture your emerging talent. Identifying the talent within each and every one of your people is necessary in order to maximise their potential. Through experiential learning we can identify team building activities that best suit nurturing and identifying talent.

Effective Leadership

guiding you on the path to effective leadership

For aspiring leaders, the key challenge lies in finding their own personal style of leadership and understanding how to give clear direction, whilst at the same time, keeping teams motivated.

Whether you would like an ILM accredited programme or a bespoke event, we have many years’ experience working with and inspiring leaders.

Inspiring Innovation

enabling innovation and thinking outside the box

Any forward thinking organisation needs an innovative workforce. To maximise productivity, it’s important that your team are constantly thinking of new ideas and new ways to improve what they do to maintain a competitive edge. Our team building activities can be used to build and support innovation within any team.

Living Your Values

bringing your company values to life

Using experiential learning, we will work with your team to create an environment that builds trust and respect. In doing so, people get an understanding of their role in bringing the values of your organisation to life and acknowledge the right behaviours.

Embracing Change

engaging your team to embrace organisational change

With our help you can prepare and support your people to stay engaged throughout the journey. Our team of experts will encourage your people to embrace organisational change by clarifying roles and aligning values. Building confidence, trust and respect is essential to overcome the barriers in order to engage with the benefits of the new way forward.

Developing Graduates

developing the future of your organisation

We know that the successful development of graduates and young employees is key to the future of your business. That’s why it’s so important to ensure they have the right support to maximise their potential and make the transition from student life to full-time work as smooth as possible. Our graduate focused team building activities are designed for this very purpose!

Developing Apprentices

identifying opportunities within apprenticeships

By encouraging responsibility, developing positive attitudes and inspiring ownership, we will help challenge your people to have the confidence to make a successful contribution in your business. No matter what apprenticeships you’re looking at, we can help develop a team building itinerary that will support your apprentices.

… and amazing experiences

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All team building activities are fun, exciting and cost-effective as they are priced on a per person basis and provide proven ROI learning. We offer a selection of indoor and outdoor team building activities which can be used in a variety of ways to suit the needs of your event.

Our activities are designed to improve communication skills and team work challenges such as problem solving. The group that works together most efficiently will be the most successful. These skills are directly transferable and will improve team performance back in the workplace.

Experience Teamscapes Learning First Hand

at one of our free team building taster sessions!

We hold a number of events throughout the year so you can experience our unique style of team building. Join a complimentary Taster Day where you can learn about what we do and try some of our activities for yourself. Click a taster below or explore all our team building events here.

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