Einstein Riddle – Energiser

Duration: 30 minutes.

This energiser can be used as a logic puzzle and problem solving activity to help refocus participants or as a part of a wider problem solving training course.

It is also a good activity to use for a two-day training course where participants are asked to resolve the puzzle ready for the next day. This encourages them to talk outside of the confines of the meeting.


Explain to the participants that you will be giving them a set of instructions to help solve a logic and problem solving puzzle.

They will be presented with a list of facts about a series of houses in a street and their task is to use these facts to determine ‘who owns the fish?’

The participants task is to resolve the puzzle in as quick a time as possible.



Discuss how the participants approached the problem, what worked, what didn’t work and what they might do differently next time. Was there a strategy? What was it? Did it work?

If one person or group of people found the task easier than others, discuss why this might be and what lessons could be learned.


In order to solve this puzzle, it is useful to order the information that you are provided with. You can start first by numbering the houses from left to right.

We know that the Englishwoman lives in the purple house, so we can transfer that data to our chart. We also know that the Swede owns a dog, so again we can add that data.

By following this data, we can slowly build a complete list of information. This gives us the following facts…

Therefore, we know that…

The German person owns the fish.