Working with You

How we’ll design your event

There is no such thing as a typical Teamscapes experience. We will always go the extra mile to ascertain the purpose of your event and build in your own business or strategic requirements.

Once you make an initial enquiry, we’ll organise a planning meeting so that we can really understand your reason for the event, what you are hoping to achieve and your specific objectives. Together, we will design your programme of events and the specific content.

It’s important to provide an experience where all participants have an enjoyable day and can contribute effectively. We recommend choosing a selection from the outdoor, indoor and culinary range because different people shine at different times of the day.

Teamscapes Facilitators

Our facilitators are highly-qualified, unique, management development individuals. They are a handpicked team and fully immersed in Teamscapes’ methodology. When you book your event we will select the most appropriate facilitator for you, dependent upon specific skill set you require to achieve your goals. This will ensure we deliver robust learning outcomes in addition to a fun filled day!

Bringing The Learning To Life

Not only is the planning stage and the delivery of your event important, it’s what happens next that counts. Transferring tangible learning from a fun event back into the workplace holding your people accountable is a must!

Return On Investment Learning

We ensure a return on investment with Teamscapes Learning. Our events are always based around your needs and planned to guarantee that you achieve your required outcomes.